Our Story

Arrant Diamonds is a foremost leader manufacturer and retailer, renowned for brilliant craftsmanship, signature expressions, and everlasting quality. Our intention is to add a touch of glitter to your radiance through providing an exclusive collection of pieces that you will cherish forever.


Our way of life is to challenge vision and push boundaries. From inception to the final stage of crafting, each Diamond piece goes all the way through a separate process to achieve Arrant Diamonds vision of incomparable excellence.

Our Commitment

As we persist in identifying new challenges, continue our long-term focus on innovation and devote ourselves to momentous societal contributions, We assign our resounding success to the commitment of the whole team that is Arrant Diamonds. What we accomplish ... and how we accomplish it ... will always matter.

About Us

Established in 1989, Arrant Diamond has proved itself in the past 3 decades as one of the world’s leading manufacturer, exporter & importer of diamonds in the world. We aim to deliver the highest possible value to all our collaborator: from buyers to merchants to staffs, anyplace they may be in the world.  We work with a secure execution driven vision, extensive product knowledge, state-of-the-art diamond manufacturing crew and aqualified management team.

The success of Arrant Diamonds is the fruit of years of determined devotion to a never-ending journey for excellence.  As a result, Arrant Diamonds is the manufacturer of voice for thousands of retailers across the country.

Our manufacturing facility is furnished with quality Artisans, High technology, and advanced machinery. Our altogether commitment to quality, reasonable price, and timely customer service has authorized us to achieve 100% customer fulfillment level in the natural diamond industry. The worth quality of our natural diamonds has accomplished wide appreciation from buyers of domestic and international markets.

We already have built a robust network of happy customers and have placed successful long-standing relationships with all our providers and channel allies. We are significantly planning to establish our physical presence in the major diamond trading hubs across the globe specifically the USA, Belgium, Hong Kong and U.A.E. Our watchword is customer delight and that is the reason why we have got various diamond merchants as our long term buyers.


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  • Loose Diamonds